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Santa letters

Do you remember what you dreamed of when you were a child? What was your childhood dream? Do you remember them all? We are sure, that you don't remember all of your dreams. For exapmle - do you remember Santa Claus? Of course you remember him, but do you remember your Christmas dreams? Haven't you dreamed about meeting him, to get to know him, or at least see him? Haven't you dreamed about writing a letter to Santa with a request for a gift and recieving an answer to your letter to Santa? In such letter to Santa you could have and you should have thanked him for all the effort he puts into every single Christmas year by year, you should have  thank him for all of your previous gifs and Christmas. In a letter to Santa you could have thank him for your parents (in the future you'll understand fully why) and thank him for basically everything! Letter to Santa is not only about you and your wishes and what you want to get from him. It's also showing what person you really are.

Without a doubt many of you have written such letters during childhood. But, unfortunatelly, you probably have never recieved an answer to your letter to Santa. He iss not feeling good about that fact, that he did not manage to answer all the letters, working very hard throughout the year. Yes, Santa works all year long, not just on Christmas Eve. What is this, do not you remember that in his own name-day he distributes gifts to the others other - he puts them into shoes and socks. Who does these things in their own name-day?! Crazy guy, one might think. No - a holy one. Okay, but it's only December, one might think. Well, no, it's not just in December. For the entire rest of the year (spent on North Pole, mind, which averages favors spending free time!) Santa Claus supervises the ntire work of the gigantic elfish toy factory (elfs- small, high-pitched beings who still sings- try not to go crazy; the world record in this challenge belongs to the Santa Claus who stands their sing and dance elves for more than two hours. Well over two hours now) and training the reindeers - you think it is so easy to train your entire flok (reindeers live in a flok, right? We are not sure, we're not zoologists) of reindeer to make sure, that on Christmas Eve they will be able to take you to every house and help you get insidem and not always through the chimney! Well, Santa does it all, so don't be cross at him, that he has not find time to answer to your letter to Santa. He will find it now. Of course he would not find your letter in this pile of his (he's not very good at paperwork), but he surely will answer your next letter to Santa! So do not hesitate any longer, go on and write a letter to Santa straight away! Don't let anybody outrun you, be the first of your friends to write a letter to Santa and the first one to have his answer framed above your office desk or your bed or just in a drawer of your desk. Be the first one!